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BNTH 120/BNTH 121
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BNTH 120/BNTH 121

  • BNTH 120/BNTH 121
Good Dehumidification

Good Dehumidification

In conditions where the weather is not hot, but the humidity is disturbing, it is possible to dehumidify the atmosphere well without cooling the air of the atmosphere too much.

24 h Multiprogramming

24 h Multiprogramming

You may save energy by programming the air conditioning to be shut down when not in use, just as you may obtain a comfortable ambient by programming the air conditioning to start operation at desired time.

Fan Position

Fan Position

The circulation of the ambient air can be provided by the operation only of the internal unit fan without heating or cooling.

General Features
Type (AC) Monosplit
Remote Control (AC) LCD
Digital_Display Numerical display(88)
Auto-restart Function Yes
Dehumidifying Function Yes
Automatic Temperature Control Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
Timer Function 24 Hour
Defrost Function Yes
Fan Speed Steps 3 + Auto
Hotstart Yes
Automatic Air Direction (Up-Down) Yes
Anti-bacterial Filter Yes
Cooling Capacity (Btu/h) 12000 Btu/h
Cooling Capacity (W) 3500.0 W
Heating Capacity (Btu/h) 12500.0
Heating Capacity (W) 3650.0 W
Indoor Unit (GxYxD) mm 800x290x196
Outdoor Unit (GxYxD) mm 700x540x255
Energy Level-Cooling D
Energy Level-Heating D
Depth - Unpacked 25.5 cm
Width - Unpacked 70.0 cm
Height - Unpacked 54.0 cm
Weight - Unpacked 21.5 kg